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Antisocial Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is any conduct by any individual which causes or is likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance to a person residing, visiting or otherwise engaging in a lawful activity in the locality of the dwelling house.

Anti-social Behaviour covers a wide range of activities, from minor disputes to more serious problems, such as harassment or violence. Triangle will make every effort to resolve instances in a timely and effective manner however we need your help and support.

Reporting Incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour

When reporting anti social behaviour, please provide as much information as possible, for example, name and address of the accused, name and address of witnesses (if appropriate), details of the anti-social behaviour and any other agencies that have been contacted.  Standard incident report forms should be completed and returned to your housing officer. 

A complaint does not have to come from the individual experiencing the Anti-Social Behaviour. A political representative, police, council officer, social worker, any of Triangle support staff or indeed an advocate on behalf of those with complex needs may report the complaint initially.   Anonymous complaints will also be taken seriously and investigated as far as possible.  Many such complaints can be acted on, for instance the physical condition of properties and gardens.

However, in the absence of direct evidence from a complainant it may prove difficult to investigate many cases.


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